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翻訳;広島「正論」友の会 北の思想、浸透に警鐘 篠原常一郎氏

 投稿者:管理人  投稿日:2020年 2月14日(金)01時27分37秒
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Translation; Hiroshima "Just Argument" Friendship Association -- Joichiro Shinohara sounded an alarm bell on penetration of ideology of N. Korea

>"広島「正論」友の会 北の思想、浸透に警鐘 篠原常一郎氏"

> 広島「正論」友の会の第18回講演会が13日、広島市南区の TKPガーデンシティ PREMIUM広島駅前で開かれ、元日本共産党国会議員団秘書でジャーナリストの篠原常一郎氏が「北朝鮮チュチェ思想に侵される日本」と題して講演した。
On Feb. 13, the 18th lecture of Hiroshima "Just Argument" Friendship Association was held at TKP Garden City PREMIUM in front of Hiroshima Station in Minami ward, Hiroshima city. Joichiro Shinohara -- journalist, who is a former secretary of JCP Diet lawmaker -- made a lecture with a title that "Japan -- penetrated by Juche ideology of N. Korea."

> 篠原氏は、沖縄県宜野湾市の米軍普天間飛行場の名護市辺野古移設について、「辺野古の大半の住民が、米軍が沖縄で中国ににらみを利かせているなどの理由で容認している」と紹介。

Concerning relocation of U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Futenma in Ginowan city in Okinawa pref. to Henoko in Nago city, Shinohara introduced that "Most residents in Henoko tolerate that due to the reasons such as that U.S. forces checks China in Okinawa."
He reported that "I confirmed that person(s) speaking Korean-language participated in the opposition party protesting by sit-in and so on," and asserted that "It became clear that [Institute of Juche Ideology] (correct name in English is unknown), which comes in line with the revolution-ideology of N. Korea in Japan, had a hand in that."

> 同研究会について、篠原氏は「米軍基地対策などの工作にも関わり、北朝鮮による日本人拉致問題や慰安婦問題、徴用工問題などについても関与が疑われる」と強調した。
Concerning the institute, Shinohara emphasized that "It has a hand in activities such as in countermeasure to U.S. forces' bases, and it is even suspected to have its hand in abduction of Japanese by N. Korea, comfort women issue, and conscripted workers issue."






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