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翻訳;【金波銀波】新型コロナウイルスの感染防止は…(八重山日報 on '20. 2/13)

 投稿者:管理人  投稿日:2020年 2月13日(木)21時55分23秒
  通報 返信・引用 編集済


Translation; [Gold wave silver wave]. How to prevent infection of novel coronavirus...


> 新型コロナウイルスの感染防止は、観光立県を掲げる沖縄にとって現在、最大の懸念事項だ。
> 国会でも野党には政府の侵入防止対策を第一にただしてほしい。
> だが、いまだに「桜」を巡って似たような質問ばかりなのには閉口させられる

Prevention measure of novel coronavirus is the largest concern for Okinawa in nowadays, which raises tourism-oriented prefecture.
At the Diet, we want the opposition parties to question the government's countermeasure to block that to enter Japan at first.
However, we are embarrassed that resemble questions are still made over "cherry blossoms."

> これに首相が「意味のない質問だ」と野次を飛ばし、その後「質問ではなく罵詈雑言の連続。質疑ではなく一方的に罵る場なのか」と反論する場面があった

* At a Lower House budget committee on Feb. 12, Kiyomi Tsujimoto (CDP) made a verbal assault, saying that "It is said that a sea bream rots from the head."
In response to that, the Prime Minister heckled that "You are asking meaningless questions," then counter argued that "Not questions, but successive abuse. Is it an opportunity to one-sidedly abuse, not Q&A session?"

* Suck childish quarrels can be seen frequently at a municipal assembly of one remote island. However, we smiled wryly as a resemble scene was developed at the central government's Diet.

> 焦眉の急である新型コロナウイルス対策はもちろん、八重山住民としては離島振興を国政の課題に上げてほしい。

* It is not so good that national lawmakers from Okinawa always talk on, not "cherry," but "Henoko," whenever they open their mouths.
Needless to say a pressing case, the countermeasure to novel coronavirus, as residents in Yaeyama region, we expect them to pick up remote islands development as a subject of the national government.
As national lawmakers raising "All Okinawa" don't have close connection with remote islands, that they need opportunities to hear voices of local residents, in our opinion. However, since their were elected, how many the ones visited remote islands?


* Diet lawmakers are not only representatives of their constituencies, but also the ones of the national government. Therefore, not "Not to see the wood for the trees," but wide perspective is expected to see both the wood and the trees.




>"有害野党、安倍首相に「懲罰動議」提出へ 辻元の「腐った頭」発言はもちろんスルー"




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