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翻訳:韓国大統領、徴用工問題で「日本も解決方法提示を」 年頭会見で主張

 投稿者:管理人  投稿日:2020年 1月14日(火)18時05分35秒
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  > Moon says it's early to be pessimistic over lack of dialogue with N. Korea


Translation; "Japan should also present solution" on conscripted workers issue -- S. Korean President Moon Jae-in argued at his New Year press briefing

>"韓国大統領、徴用工問題で「日本も解決方法提示を」 年頭会見で主張"

> 韓国の文在寅大統領は14日、年頭の記者会見で、日本による輸出管理厳格化など「より簡単に解決できる問題を早く解決すれば、両国間の信頼回復に大きく役立つ」と述べ、日韓関係の改善には、日本がまず行動で示すべきだとの考えを示した。
At his New Year press briefing on Jan. 14, S. Korean President Moon Jae-in showed thinking that Japan should initially show its will by actions for improvement of Japan-S. Korea bilateral relations, saying that "If problems, which can be settled easier, are settled earlier, it will largely contribute to restore trust between two countries," such as the tighter export-control by Japan.

> 日韓関係悪化の根本原因であるいわゆる徴用工判決についても「韓国政府はすでに何度か解決法を提示した」と主張しつつ、韓国側の案が「唯一の解決法とは思わない」と指摘。
> 日本も韓国の案に修正意見を出すなど、解決法を示しながら韓国と積極的に協議する必要性を強調した。

Concerning so called conscripted workers issue, the root cause of deterioration of Japan-S. Korea relations, he pointed out that ideas on S. Korea side "are not the only resolution, I think," while arguing that "Seoul has already made several proposals to Japan."
He also emphasized necessity that Japan will also positively talk with S. Korea while presenting a solution, such as submitting revised opinions on ideas of S. Korea.

> 徴用工訴訟の代理人弁護士らが提案した、日韓の政財界関係者らによる協議会を設立する案についても「韓国政府が参加する意向がある」と述べた。
> 韓国側が一方的に事実上ほごにした慰安婦問題をめぐる 2015年の日韓合意にも触れ、「被害者の同意なしに合意しても解決に役立たないことは慰安婦合意のときに経験した」とし、当事者らの同意を優先させる姿勢を改めて強調した。

Concerning an idea to establish a consultative panel formed by Japanese- and S. Korean political- and business circles, which was suggested by the plaintiff lawyers of conscripted workers lawsuits and so on, he said that "Seoul is ready to take part in that.
He also commented on Japan-S. Korea agreement over comfort women issue in 2015, which was one-sidedly abandoned by S. Korean side, and once again emphasized stance to prioritize agreement by the persons concerned, saying that "We experienced in CW agreement that, if we agree without consent by persons concerned, it doesn't contribute settlement of an issue."

> 国際経済環境の悪化にも言及し、日韓が力を合わせるべきときに、日本が輸出管理措置によって「日本企業にも困難を与えている現実が残念だ」と批判した。
> 今年の東京五輪については「積極的に協力する」とし、高官級の代表を派遣する見通しを示した。

He also touched on deterioration of international economic environment, and criticized (Japan), saying that "The reality is regrettable that Japanese companies are also suffering" by Japan by the tiger export-control measure.
Concerning 2020 Tokyo Olympic Game, he said that "(Seoul) will actively cooperate with it," and showed prospect to dispatch a senior official class representative.
He also said that he "hopes that Tokyo Olympic will provide an opportunity to settle problems between Japan and S. Korea fundamentally."



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