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翻訳;【金波銀波】新石垣空港開港後…(八重山日報 on '19. 4/20)

 投稿者:管理人  投稿日:2019年 4月20日(土)09時04分46秒
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  >【島尻あい子】激闘の衆院選沖縄3区補選! "島尻あい子"北部連合総決起大会[桜H31/4/17]


Translation;[Gold wave silver wave]. After opening of New Ishigaki Airport...


> 新石垣空港開港後、石垣市が抱える久々の大型プロジェクトが2件ある。
> まず新庁舎建設。「市のシンボル」とされる建物が構想され、地元企業の熱い視線を集めたが、予想外の入札不調が続いた

After opening of New Ishigaki Airport, the city of Ishigaki have two big projects for the 1st time after a long time.
1st of all, construction of new city office building. A building, described as "the symbol of the city" was planned, and local firms paid zealous zealous to it. However, unexpectedly, successive biddings have not been successful.

> 人手不足による人件費の上昇などを背景に、市内の建築単価はうなぎのぼり。
> だが民間とは異なり、行政は議会で決めた予算の厳守が求められる。予定価格を柔軟には上げられない。
> そこで、どうしても折り合いがつかなくなるようだ

* It is pointed out that the largest factor is gap between planned price shown by the city authority and estimations on companies' side.
Because of rising personnel expenses due to labor shortage, construction costs in the city is sky rocketing.
However, unlike in the private sector, administration is demanded to strictly maintain the budget approved by an assembly. It is impossible to raise the planned price flexibly.
As the result, it seems to be impossible to make a compromise.

>◆最終的には島外の業者も含めた JV(共同企業体)との随意契約で調整が進んでいるようだが、何とか島内の業者が潤う形で決着してほしい
* It seems that, finally, an arrangement is proceeded to make a negotiated contract with JV (joint venture) including out of the island firm(s). It is preferable that it will be settled in the way the firms on the island will be given benefit somehow.

> 現在は用地造成工事が進むが、今後は施設の建設が始まる

* The another remarkable project is construction work of an military post promoted by Ministry of Defense.
Concerning tit local construction trade repeatedly request local-prioritized ordering. Though it is a national defense work, as a matter of course, the local expect economic ripple effect very much.
At present, site preparation work is undergoing, and construction of the facilities will be kicked off soon.

> せっかくの大きな予算が島外に流れてしまうことを極力防ぎ、お金を島で循環させる仕組みを確立したい。

* Though economic structure in Okinawa pref. is shifting steeply, the same now as it was back then, public works have great influence in regional promotion and development.
A system -- which will make money circulate on the island, while preventing long-awaited big budget to flow out of the island -- should be established.

Ref.>"2氏、懸命のラストスパート 衆院3区補選あす投開票"



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